Three Seasons Restaurant

Three Seasons Restaurant


Three Seasons Restaurant

Three Seasons celebrates traditional Vietnamese delicacies and street foods made with fresh, quality ingredients. Known for our family style dining, an astounding repertoire of fresh fish, hearty pho, and our extensive selection of small plates, Three Seasons has quickly become one of the most acclaimed Bay Area Vietnamese restaurants.

Founders Chef Hung Le and Tessa Nguyen bring their vision of innovative food presentation and fresh ingredients to downtown Palo Alto, for a thoroughly modern take on classic Vietnamese flavors. Our upscale décor sports trickling stone fountains, tropical plants and beautiful Asian touches. On sunny days, our spacious patio affords comfortable alfresco dining. Whether you are new to the cuisine or a veteran, the balanced flavors and healthfulness of our Vietnamese cooking ensures there will be something for everyone!



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If dipping or dunking is your thing, our spring rolls will give you something awesome to sop up hot sauce, wasabi dots or a sweet hoisin-chili sauce. Featuring exotic mango, jicama, and shiitake mushroom fillings, and stuffed with tofu, seared ahi, or crab, our rolls rock the mint and cilantro. A perennial favorite is our steamed Chilean sea bass — flavored with pungent ginger, earthy shiitake mushrooms, elegant white lily flowers, lotus seeds swimming in a soy broth. Locals swear by our garlic egg noodles with garlic butter sauce, parmesan cheese, and crispy shallots. For a light dinner, Asparagus and Dungeness crab soup – clear, delicate broth with a bright ginger bite, shiitake mushrooms, egg white, corn and cilantro – pairs beautifully with our caramelized Japanese eggplant with sweet red bell pepper, shiitake mushrooms and green onions in coconut sauce.

Don’t forget to bring your friends for Happy Hour; we carry an extensive selection of fine wines, beers and sake. We believe that the perfect cocktail is the transformation of a traditional recipe invigorated with the exotic aromas and flavors of Southeast Asia; our exclusive cocktails are infused with fresh mint and other herbs, lemongrass, mangos and passion fruit.

Explore a fresh take on Vietnamese cuisine – our knowledgeable and efficient staff, combined with our relaxed, inviting atmosphere and fresh, local ingredients will deliver an exotic dining experience.


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Three Seasons Menu

Here at Three Seasons we serve Vietnamese and Asian Fusion cuisine. First try our Raw Bar and enjoy fresh oysters and a variety of rolls. Pair your starter with something from our extensive wine and sake menu, or choose an American or Japanese beer. Next, our cooked selection appetizers, which include such savories as satay and a large selection of creative spring and summer rolls will surely whet your appetite. We also have fried snacks like tempura and wontons, or choose a salad such as our… [Read More]


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